River Trails District 26 is focused on providing experiences for students to interact with rigorous and higher-order thinking activities with increasing access to depth of knowledge in mathematics. A balance between the acquisition of basic skills and problem solving is achieved throughout the year at every grade level. Our curriculum and materials to support instruction provide a wealth of differentiated instruction resources across interactive platforms.


The ​​River Trails District math curriculum is aligned with the Illinois Learning Standards for Mathematics, grounded in the  common core mathematical standards and mathematical practices. District 26 uses the Illinois Learning Standards to align curriculum and inform assessment and instruction.  

"I Can Math Statements"


Mathematics instruction strives to develop conceptual understanding with the goal of content mastery.  Concepts are taught moving through a sequence of concrete to pictorial to abstract. Concrete learning happens through hands-on activities with math manipulatives, such as counters, coins, number lines, or base ten blocks. Pictorial learning uses pictures, drawings, or other forms that illustrate the concept with something more than abstract numbers. Finally, abstract learning requires students to apply understanding of numbers, concepts, and strategies to solve complex problems.