Student Wellness

School and student wellness are crucial aspects of the daily experience at RTSD26. As stated in the policy manual, "Student wellness, including good nutrition and physical activity, shall be promoted in the District's educational program, school-based activities and meal programs." 

Full RTSD26 School Wellness Policy

Goals for Nutrition Education and Nutrition Promotion

The goals for addressing nutrition education and nutrition promotion include the following:

  • Schools will support and promote sound nutrition for students.
  • Schools will foster the positive relationship between sound nutrition, physical activity and the capacity of students to develop and learn.
  • Nutrition education will be part of the District’s comprehensive health education curriculum.

Goals for Physical Activity

The goals for addressing physical activity include the following:

  • Schools will support and promote an active lifestyle for students.
  • Physical education will be taught in all grades and shall include a developmentally-planned and sequential curriculum that fosters the development of movement skills, enhances health-related fitness, increases students’ knowledge, offers direct opportunities to learn how to work cooperatively in a group setting, and encourages healthy habits and attitudes for a healthy lifestyle.
  • During the school day, all students will be required to engage in a daily physical education course, unless otherwise exempted.
  • The curriculum will be consistent with and incorporate relevant Illinois Learning Standards for Physical Development and Health as established by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).

Student Wellness Comittee

The purpose of the Wellness Committee is to monitor the Student Wellness Policy and propose changes when needed. The idea is to help create policies that promote sound nutrition, student health, a reduction in childhood obesity, and increase transparency to the public on matters of wellness.

The committee meets three times throughout the school year and is ideally made up of students, parents/guardians, teachers and community members.

If you are interested in being a part of this committee, please contact Kelly Diaz at

How we promote health and fitness...

Physical Education

P.E. classes are a regular part of students' day and week in school. Health, fitness and wellness are emphasized in these classes with a variety of sports and activities. Our P.E. teachers help students develop healthy habits and a committment to physical exercise.

Lunch and Breakfast

Our food services department offers a variety of healthy food options. This includes fruit and vegetable carts, "Meatless Mondays" and an exposure to new, healthier menu options. Visit our food services page to learn more and find menus.

Other Health and Wellness Initiatives

  • Social-emotional learning activities
  • Participation in National Farm to School Month
  • Fuel Up to Play 60
  • Kids Heart Challenge
  • Walk-a-thon (PTC event at Euclid)
  • Walk and Bike to School
  • Intramurals and clubs
  • Middle school sports
  • Water for South Sudan Walk
  • Bears Mini Monsters Program
  • Great Apple Crunch