Equity at River Trails School District 26

Our district defines equity as giving everyone what they need to be successful, unlike equality where everyone gets the same.

District Equity Statement

Approved by the RTSD26 Board of Education on June 14, 2022.

We, as the representatives of the River Trails Board of Education, pledge our commitment to implementing policies, procedures and guidelines that reflect equity and inclusion for all members of the District 26 community. We resolve to provide the necessary support to all of our students, in order to improve educational outcomes. We are insistent on removing the barriers, biases, limitations, and disparities that negatively impact student success. We are committed to ongoing community engagement to identify areas that require additional attention and resources to facilitate inclusiveness and a sense of belonging. We are dedicated to celebrating our district’s diversity and the perspective each stakeholder has to offer. We are devoted to creating and promoting a respectful, accepting and safe environment in which all of our students and staff thrive. We will be deliberate in our equity journey and apply a lens of equity and inclusion to the practices, interactions and oversight of River Trails School District 26.

Equity Action Plan for 2022-2023

Members of the District Equity Leadership Team met throughout the 2021-2022 school year to create an Equity Action Plan for 2022-2023. This plan was presented to the Board of Education on April 26, 2022.

District Equity Audit

During the 2020-2021 school year, River Trails School District 26 engaged in an equity audit. An equity audit is a proactive opportunity to critically examine systemic equity movement. The purpose of the equity audit is to clearly identify areas of strength, and especially recognize needed improvement to advance equity.

The audit was conducted by Dr. Ivette Dubiel. Dr. Dubiel is the CEO of Systemic Educational Equity, LLC, a full-service diversity, equity and inclusion equity firm. The audit was completed in cooperation with members of the RTSD26 Board of Education, administration, staff, students and parents.

Dr. Dubiel's Presentation to the Board on 7/20/21