School Safety and Security Information

The safety and security of every student, staff member and visitor in our schools is a top priority. We routinely assess our safety plan and make adjustments when necessary. This includes regular consultations with the Mount Prospect Police Department and Mount Prospect Fire Department. 

The process we have used to develop, monitor and improve our safety and security plan over the past few years includes:

  • A comprehensive facility audit in 2021
  • Annual health/life safety inspections by the Regional Office of Education
  • Annual state fire marshall inspections
  • Partnership and collaboration with the Mount Prospect Police Department school resource officer
  • A review of best practice research and policy briefs

We address safety in three broad categories: Behavioral and mental health, facility security and emergency response protocols.

Behavioral and Mental Health

  • The district employs full-time school psychologists and social workers at every building to provide a variety of services to students. 
  • There are systems in place to alert our mental health professionals to any potential student service need (large or small).
  • The district implements a behavior threat assessment procedure, which is required by state law. A threat assessment team of administrators, school-based mental health professionals, local law enforcement partners and teachers are trained annually to address potential threats and develop response plans on a case-by-case basis. 
  • The district utilizes device filters to monitor student activity on Chromebooks. The system analyzes online activity in real-time for students that may be at risk. 
  • Every grade has a daily time to focus on the development of these skills.

Facility Security

Significant security upgrades over the past few years have included:

  • Electronic doors
  • Exterior cameras
  • A visitor check-in system with background checks
  • Badges for all personnel
  • Key control
  • Alarm systems at all buildings

Other components of our plan include:

  • Grab-and-go emergency plans
  • Maps and supply backpacks in every classroom.
  • Regular collaboration with local police and fire officials about our training plan
  • Access to our facilities for law enforcement and emergency responders
  • Regular visits from law enforcement to improve the familiarity of our facilities

Please note, we are also working to strengthen some of our practices in the front office, which means there may be more scrutiny about the purpose of your visit prior to entry.

Training and Emergency Response Protocols

Some of the training our staff has undergone includes:

  • Decision-making and prepared responses to a variety of situations
  • More emphasis on the importance of never leaving an exterior door open with routine door checks throughout the day
  • Additional training that pertains to specific staff roles, such as front office secretaries, social workers, psychologists, custodians and kitchen staff
  • Additional training for the members of each school's crisis team and how to can support others in the building
  • A more refined threat assessment procedure

If you have questions about our safety plan, please do not hesitate to contact your school or the district office.