Head Ready + Heart Ready = LIFE READY

LIFE READY learners and leaders from River Trails School District...

  • Have individual worth and a desire to learn
  • Appreciate individual cultures
  • Take responsibility for their actions and the resulting outcomes
  • Thrive in an emotionally and physically safe environment
  • Establish personal goals and rise to high expectations
  • Demonstrate honesty and integrity
  • Value relationships and contribute to the larger community
GOAL 1: Head Ready students grow academically, problem solve creatively and learn how to learn. GOAL 2: Heart Ready students are respectful, resourceful and resilient citizens.
We will provide engaging and purposeful pathways to personalize academic growth for ALL students by equipping staff with the requisite skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to provide high‐quality, differentiated instruction.  We will provide a healthy learning environment with a focus on social emotional development.
This will be demonstrated through incremental increasesin the percentage of students meeting personal growth targets on NWEA MAP with the goal of having 65% of students meeting growth targets in reading AND math as a district by 2025. This will be demonstrated through annual increases and maintenance in three targeted domains, supportive environment, grit and emotional health, reaching the “More or Most Level '' as determined from the 5 Essentials Survey by 2025.



Build and support a trusting culture between teachers, school, and district level administrators by assessing, developing, and strengthening professional collaboration.


Provide a student-centered learning environment anchored by a comprehensive standards aligned curriculum, relevant and responsible to the world we live in, and measured by meaningful demonstrations of knowledge and skills.


Prioritize social, emotional and physical well-being of the school community by providing a nurturing environment and equipping all with the skills, knowledge and understanding to thrive in a complex world.


Establish and maintain effective networks of communication and collaboration with all members of the larger community. 


  • Develop our collective identity.
  • Develop and implement a system of collaboration to support district, schools and teams.
  • Identify a guaranteed and viable academic and social emotional curriculum with clear learning priorities.
  • Ensure equal opportunity and access for all learners.
  • Validate and affirm the role of the student in the learning environment.
  • Empower students to be stewards to their environment and community.
  • Maintain an intentional and regular focus on wellness and wellness strategies.
  • Sustain a safe, healthy learning environment.
  • Increase community partnerships to expand on the opportunities and resources available to the school community.
  • Improve one and two-way communication networks with all members of the D26 community.


  • 5 Essentials Data
  • Staff performance
  • Staff retention
  • Success interviews
  • Academic performance Assessments PK-8
  • ISBE recognition status
  • Student engagement
  • Student involvement
  • Students satisfaction
  • Attendance
  • Parent surveys
  • Student readiness
  • Community partnerships