2022-23 Assessment Calendar

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Kindergarten State

Kindergarten Individual Development Survey (KIDS) 

KIDS is a state-mandated tool in which teachers observe the knowledge, skills, and behaviors that most impact long-term student success of children entering kindergarten.

August-October 2022

May 2023

3rd & 5th Grade District


The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) is a computer-administered assessment that measures learned reasoning and problem-solving skills in three different areas: verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal. Reasoning abilities are good predictors of success in school.

February 2023
Kindergarten-8th Grade State


ACCESS is administered to all English Language Learner students. ACCESS is designed to measure English language learners' social and academic English proficiency. It assesses social and instructional English used within the school context and the language associated with language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies across the four language domains (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing).
January-February 2023
3rd-8th Grade State

Illinois Assessment of Readiness 

The IAR is a computer-administered state assessment and accountability measure for Illinois students enrolled in a public school. All students in these grade levels are tested on the English Language Arts and Mathematics Illinois Learning Standards.

March 2023
5th & 8th Grade State

Illinois Science Assessment

The ISA is a computer-administered assessment that is aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards for science. The ISA represents Illinois’ commitment to preparing all students for college and careers, including in the high-demand science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.

March 2023
2nd-8th Grade District

NWEA Measure of Academic Progress

The computerized MAP format, aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards, assesses students in reading and mathematics. MAP is an adaptive test, which means that test questions adapt to each student’s ability level as they navigate the assessment.

August 2022

December 2023

April 2023

Kindergarten & 1st Grade District


aimswebPlus™ is an assessment and reporting system that provides national and local performance and growth norms for the screening and progress monitoring of math and reading skills.

August 2022

December 2022-January 2023

May 2023

4th-8th Grade State

Five Essentials Survey

5Essentials survey provides insights into schools’ organizational strengths and areas of opportunity across the five essential factors for school improvement: Effective Leaders, Collaborative Teachers, Involved Families, Supportive Environment, and Ambitious Instruction.

K-8th Grade District


The Panorama Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Questionnaire measures student mindsets, behaviors, and attitudes that might be related to success in school and beyond the classroom.

September 2022

May 2023

If you have questions about these assessments, please email Kristine Seifert, assistant superintendent for teaching and learning, at kseifert@rtds26.org.