Social Emotional Wellness

Social and Emotional Learning at Home

Students with well developed Social and Emotional skills can…

  • Recognize and manage emotions
  • Develop caring and concern for others
  • Establish positive relationships
  • Make responsible decisions
  • Handle challenging situations effectively

In order to develop strong Social Emotional Skills, students must develop Social Emotional Competencies. Social and emotional competencies are the skills that enable youth to achieve the goals for social and emotional learning.

Social Emotional

Monthly At Home Topics

Optimistic Thinking

  • What is Optimistic Thinking?

  • Having confidence, feeling hopeful and being a positive thinker.

Personal Responsibility

  • What is Personal Responsibility?

  • Being careful and reliable and helping others when working in a group.


  • What is Self-Management?

  • Being able to control your emotions and behaviors to complete a task or take on a new challenge.

Relationship Skills

  • What are Relationship Skills?

  • Building and maintaining positive connections with others.

Goal-Directed Behavior

  • What is Goal-Directed Behavior?

  • Being able to start and finish tasks; both easy and difficult.


  • What is Self-Awareness?

  • Being able to tell someone how you feel and knowing how your behavior affects others.


  • What is Social-Awareness?

  • Being able to use cooperation, respect, and tolerance in social situations.