Alicia Duell

Director of Innovation and Technology
Phone: (224) 612-7305
Fax: (847) 297-4124

RTSD26 Technology Vision Statement

River Trails School District 26 is committed to promoting a safe, collaborative, and equitable personalized learning environment, empowering all stakeholders to be innovative and responsible global digital citizens who thrive in the complex world.

Belief Statements

We believe that technology...

  • is vital to the success of our students’ education.
  • prepares students for the future by becoming resourceful, resilient, and versatile problem solvers.
  • enhances, extends, and transforms learning for all students.
  • supports differentiation in the classroom, which leads to student growth.
  • creates an inclusive environment of limitless potential.
  • continues to evolve, and that the acquisition and maintenance of technology skills is a lifelong process.

Technology Department Staff

Alberto Espino - Technology/Maintenance - 224-612-7309 -
Ian Felde - Technology/Maintenance - 224-612-7810 -
Allyn Jacobs - Network Security and Support Specialist - 224-612-7313 -
Bob Kastner - Field Support Specialist - 224-612-7317 -

If you require any technical assistance, please fill out a ticket for remote support and someone from the tech team will address the issue.

RTSD26 Chromebook Handbook
RTSD26 Chromebook Protection Plan
Schoology Handbook