Assessments Update

Dear Parent(s)/Guardians(s),

Each year, District 26 administers several state and local assessments to our students. The information obtained from these assessments aids our teachers’ understanding of your child’s strengths and needs in order to design instruction accordingly. 

Buildings will be sending home assessment results next week. Please watch your child’s backpack for this information. Students will have a variety of different assessment reports depending on their grade level. Please contact your school administrator with any questions regarding these reports.

Potential Assessment Reports:

NWEA Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) (Grades 2-8)
The NWEA Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) was administered to students in grades 2-8. It was given in late August/September. This computerized assessment is aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards. It assesses students in both reading and mathematics. Find additional information about MAP testing on the Northwest Evaluation Association’s website.

Aimsweb Plus (Grade K & Grade 1)
The Aimsweb Early Literacy and Early Math assessments were administered to students in the primary grades. They were given in September. In Kindergarten, students are asked to identify letter names and letter sounds. In first grade, students are asked to read grade-level passages. The math assessments focus on various early numeracy skills, computation and application of strategies. We will assess the students in the winter and spring to monitor their individual growth.

IAR Reports (Grades 4-8 from Spring 2022)
Last spring, students in grades 3-8 were administered the Illinois Assessment of Readiness. This standards-based assessment evaluated student proficiency in the areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics. The test is measured on a scale of 1-5. Your child's IAR individual paper report will be sent home next week. In addition, the state has released an online parent portal,, to assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of your child's score. To access the portal, you will need a claim code which will be found on your child's paper report.

Access Reports (All Grades - from winter 2019)
Students that qualify for a language learning program (English Language Learners) take an annual assessment of English language proficiency. The official reports from last year will be sent home to any students who took the assessment along with their other assessment reports. 

Assessments provide our staff more information about your child, which will allow them to enhance their educational experience. If you have any questions regarding any of these assessments, please contact your child’s teacher or the principal of your child’s school. 

Kristine L. Seifert
Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning