Community Engagement

The Community Engagement event was held on Tuesday, October 5 at Prairie Trails, as well as online for virtual attendees. It included a presentation on our schools' infrastructure needs and breakout sessions with members of the district administration and Board of Education.

This is a summary of the feedback received in those conversations. You can also view a video of the full meeting at the bottom of this page.

What infrastructure issues and concerns are the most important?

  • Heating, ventilation, and air condition (HVAC) improvements
  • Roof upgrades at Euclid, Indian Grove and River Trails Middle School
  • Prioritizing green initiatives when completing infrastructure projects
  • Temperature control within the buildings
  • Impact and risk of aging facilities on learning environment
  • Pavement upgrades needed at Indian Grove and River Trails Middle School
  • Importance of improving infrastructure rather than temporary band-aid fixes that could end up costing the district more money
  • Difficulty of passing a referendum to accomplish these goals
  • The potential high costs of making all these improvements

The district MUST...

  • Improve the HVAC
  • Improve ventilation
  • Be fiscally responsible
  • Upgrade the classrooms
  • Improve building safety features

Lingering Questions...

  • What can be done in the short-term to address some of these issues?
  • Which of these projects are the most important and what comes first?
  • Which of these projects can be addressed further down the line?
  • Wihch of these projects are truly related to health and safety issues?
  • How will the district convince the community-at-large that these issues are important?
  • What are some other ways the district can modernize their buildings?
  • How can the district make better use of the spaces they already have?
  • What are some alternatives to passing a referendum?
  • Who is involved in making the decisions on which projects are addressed?
  • Who does the district consult with in determining the infrastructure and maintenance needs?