Jim Kuperman

Athletic Director
Email: jkuperman@rtsd26.org

2021-22 Spectator Rules

These rules apply to indoor events.

All spectators must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be a family member of a home team athlete
  2. Be over the age of 18 or accompanied by someone over the age of 18
  3. Wear a mask
  4. Sit 6 feet away from anyone from a different household
  5. Sit 12 feet away from players
  6. No food or beverages permitted in the gym
  7. Cheer respectfully
  8. Respect the calls from our officials
  9. Leave the gym promptly after the game

*Requirements may change at any time


Girls Basketball
7th Grade Coach - George Keehn, gkeehn@rtsd26.org
8th Grade Coach - Alexandra Williams, awilliams@rtsd26.org

Boys Basketball
7th Grade Coach - Kyle Farley, kfarley@rtsd26.org
8th Grade Coach - Jim Kuperman, jkuperman@rtsd26.org

Girls Volleyball
Coach - Beth Lasoski, blasoski@rtsd26.org

Boys Volleyball
Coach - Beth Lasoski, blasoski@rtsd26.org

Coaches -
Kelly Morgensen, kmorgensen@rtsd26.org
Taylor West, twest@rtsd26.org
Filomena Kulesza, fkulesza@rtsd26.org

Cross Country
Coaches - 
Jim Kuperman, jkuperman@rtsd26.org
Beth Lasoski, blasoski@rtsd26.org
Mandy Zavilla, azavilla@rtsd26.org
Melissa Cascella, mcascella@rtsd26.org

Track & Field
Coaches -
Jim Kuperman, jkuperman@rtsd26.org
Kyle Farley, kfarley@rtsd26.org
Melissa Cascella, mscascella@rtsd26.org
Scott Kaminsky, skaminsky@rtsd26.org