We're now the home of the Ravens!

Why the Ravens?

It was time for a change. When the district decided our school would need a new mascot, Mrs. Krall-Meske and Mr. Henkel went to the students to ask for their input. Many thought it made sense to choose a bird in order to be in line with the Euclid Eagles and Indian Grove Owls. After much consideration, discussion and input from staff members, two finalists were selected:

  • The Ravens
  • The Raptors

Ultimately the students voted on the Ravens. Why? Becauses ravens are confident, inquisitive and one of the world's smartest birds. Not only can they mimic speech, they can even use hand gestures. In addition, they are brave, adaptable, empathetic and yes, even sometimes mischevious. Perfect!

Ravens are found in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia and can live in diverse environments. This represents the diversity of our school and district community.

And now we are all proud Ravens!