Welcome to Prairie Trails!

A New Era Begins!

Beginning in 2021-22, Prairie Trails beca,e the home of our district's kindergarten and pre-kindergarten students. This building was designed and built with our youngest learners in mind. It is has many benefits for students, staff and the community. Plus it is a net-zero energy building, the first of its kind in Mount Prospect!

Building Features

The school has space for 10 kindergarten and four pre-kindergarten classrooms. Each of these has been updated to better serve our students. The grounds include an innovative natural playground and outdoor learning environment. There is also a multipurpose room with soundproofing panels and natural lighting.

In order to help educate the students about the school's net-zero energy status, interactive video learning displays have been placed throughout the building.

What is Net-Zero Energy?

Net-zero energy means that the building will use a total amount of energy annually that is equal to or less than the renewable energy created on-site. This will not only save money for the district, it will help preserve our environment and teach our youngest students about the importance of protecting the planet.

How does it work? Solar panels installed on the roof are designed to offset 100% of annual electricity consumption. In addition, a new heating and cooling system includes heat recovery, which removes the need to rely on fossil fuels.

Why It Matters

River Trails School District 26 is dedicated to sustainability. The planet is undergoing many changes, such as rising sea levels and increasing temperatures, and these changes have damaging consequences. It will be Prairie Trails students who are most affected by climate change and the district feels responsible for protecting their future by doing its part to protect the environment.

Other Benefits

The sustainability efforts will also benefit the River Trails community. The changes at Prairie Trails are expected to save the district more than $32,000 per year in gas and electricity costs. Additionally, it will bring all of the district's kindergartners together in one building where they will have a chance to get to know each other before heading to elementary school. This will also help create more classroom space at Euclid and Indian Grove.