Grover Community Service Group

The Grover Community Service Group (GCSG) is a 5th grade activity led by Mrs. Russo and Mrs. Creaser.   The GCSG is a community service group dedicated to helping others within our school, our community, as well as around the world.

While the name of the group has changed, there has been a service oriented group at Indian Grove School for more than 19 years. Our main way of fundraising is to make projects, sell them, and donate the profits to various organizations. Some organizations that we have donated to in the past have included: Heartland Animal Shelter, Juvenile Diabetes Research, Salvation Army, WINGS, Mt. Prospect Food Pantry, Special Olympics, and many more.  Each year GCSG members  run two booths at the Indian Grove Fun Fair.

GCSG Pledge

I aim to serve my school and better my community. I shall always speak kindly to others and treat them as I wish to be treated. I will take care of my environment and respect nature. I pledge to do these things throughout the day, everyday because I am a Grover Community Service Group member.