2014-2015 Budget Approved

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2014-2015 Budget Approved
Posted on 09/03/2014
This is the image for the news article titled 2014-2015 Budget ApprovedThe 2014-2015 River Trails School District 26 Budget was recently approved at the September 2, 2014 Board of Education meeting. The budget and the budget presentation can be found on the “Business Services” tab under “District Information”.

The 2014-15 Budget provides for the staff, instructional materials, programs and facilities to educate a projected enrollment of approximately 1400 students in grades PK - 8. The final budget includes some minor changes for updated grant information.

The total operating fund revenues reflected in this document are $23,582,614. This represents a 2.0% increase from the Fiscal Year 2013-14 budgeted operating fund revenue figure of $23,127,974. The total operating fund expenditures in this document are $24,489,084. This represents a 2.8% increase from the Fiscal Year 2013-14 budgeted operating fund  expenditure figure of $23,815,386. For Fiscal Year 2014-15, it is anticipated that River Trails School District 26 will have an operating deficit of $1,166,431. Ending Fund Balances for FY15 remain at a financially healthy level of 67%.

Operating Revenues for 2014-15 reflect a CPI of 1.7%, $2.3 million in new property EAV and a tax collection rate of 98%. Interest rates have been budgeted at 0.5%. For FY15 the latest legislative report indicates General State Aid will remain flat with an 89% proration which has been reflected in the FY15 District Budget. Revenues on other state and federal grants are flat.

Health insurance decreased 1% for HMO, and increased 2% for PPO. Dental saw no change. IMRF stayed flat at 13%.

Due to enrollment, staff decreased by 1 teacher in total. Decreases include a classroom and ELL teacher at RTMS, and a kindergarten teacher at Indian Grove. The reductions were offset by the addition of two teacher positions - a third grade teacher at Indian Grove and a kindergarten teacher at Euclid. Three teacher assistant positions were also eliminated. Two special education co-teachers were added for programming needs, and a part-time public relations position was added.

The major curriculum initiatives for FY15 include: a new 6-8 grade Social Studies program from McDougal/Holt including a set of 1:1 classroom Chromebooks, and general textbook supplies and consumable replacements. The AIMSWeb subscription allows the district access to a curriculum-based website aimed at improving reading and math skills. NWEA MAP provides computer-adaptive assessments in reading and math for students in grades 2-8. Both of these provide staff with
student performance information relative to the IL State Learning Standards. Technology initiatives include: maintain existing technology infrastructure, a  continuation of 1:1 pilot using a 21st Classroom Model, increase the number of Compass Learning subscriptions, replacement of aging projectors, and replacement of approximately 50 teacher laptops. Operations and Maintenance objectives include the repair and upgrade of Univents, replace elementary gym and cafeteria lighting with energy efficient LED lighting, renovate lockers at RTMS, and upgrade the fire alarm system at  Indian Grove.

Included in this budget is approximately $225,000 of contingencies for staff, special education, and technology. The administration will closely monitor all expenditures and inform the Board if there is a reason to expend these contingencies.