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River Trails Green Schools will lead the way in promoting environmental sustainability within our community and schools by inspiring our students and staff to protect the environment and be responsible global citizens.


  • Empower students and the community to understand their natural world and their impact on it.
  • Provide opportunities for students to make connections between the science they learn and the science they experience in their natural environment.
  • Create opportunities for the community and school to understand how people, energy, and the environment are dynamically interrelated.
  • Promote the health and well-being of students, staff, and community.
  • Instill a sense of respect and ownership of one’s environment that fosters advocacy and activism.

Committee Members
Miriam Cutler - Garden Subcommittee
Michael G. Davey - PR/Civic Engagement
Michael Eichhorn - Garden Subcommittee
Frank Fiarito - PR/Civic Engagement
Lynn Fisher - PR/Civic Engagement
Laura Gammons - Garden Subcommittee
George Gaspari - Student Involvement
Josh Hatch - Garden Subcommittee
Sue Hoffman - PR/(Website)
Mike Janonis
Rathna Koka - Garden Subcommittee
Steve Kosmicki - Garden Co-Chair
Sarah Kroeschell - Student Involvement
Elaine Nekritz 
Tom Pope - Garden Co-Chair
Ron Richardson - Education Subcommittee
Eric Rogers - PR/Civic Engagement
Lyndl Schuster - Education Subcommittee
Matt Silverman - Education Subcommittee
Mary Smith - PR/Civic Engagement
Sue Stolzer - Education Subcommittee
Lori Thum - Garden Subcommittee
Jeannine Wagner - Student Involvement