ELL Program Options

Transitional Bilingual Education (TBE)

This program is offered to students when there are 20 or more limited English proficient students with a common native language enrolled in the same school. A certified bilingual teacher provides first language instruction as the medium of instruction. The aim is to transition students to an all-English classroom with a solid foundation in their native language.

The guiding principles of the TBE program are:

1. To teach students content in their native language.
2. To develop social and academic English language proficiency in order to           assist students in their transition into English-only classrooms.

3. To aid students in meeting Illinois Common Core Standards as well as the         Illinois English Language Proficiency Standards.
4. To aid in the development of both social and academic language in all               language domains: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

Transitional Program of Instruction (TPI)

The Transitional Program of Instruction for English Language Learners serves students, Kindergarten through Fifth Grade, whose first language is not English. The program’s goal is to provide English Language Learners (ELL) with daily English support that will enable them to be successful in the regular education classroom. The ELL classroom represents a variety of languages and cultures. The language of instruction is English. All ELL teachers are certified with an English as a Second Language (ESL) endorsement.

Students in Kindergarten and First Grade at Indian Grove are placed in a self-contained classroom where all curricular subjects, Reading, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science, are taught. All other ELL students, at Euclid and Indian Grove, are placed in a regular education classroom. Students receive English support by an ESL teacher in either a pull-out or push-in program. Daily English support may include up to two-and-a-half hours of instruction. At all grade levels, Kindergarten through Fifth Grade, the ESL program reflects the same objectives and standards as the regular education curriculum. At each grade level, the ESL program provides students with English literacy skills that will assist them in making a successful transition into the regular education classroom full time.