Cognitive Abilities Test

Description of Assessment

  • Measures the student’s potential to success in school related tasks
  • CogAT is NOT a tool for measuring intelligence (not an IQ test)
  • Measures reasoning skills that students have developed during their educational career, however, many of these skills have not been explicitly taught
  • The CogAT also measures general school skills, such as the ability to listen, follow directions, and focus attention

Description of process

How it is used - District 26 uses CogAT scores to help determine eligibility for enrichment services

Who is involved - Students in grades 3 and 5

CogAT Terms

  • Verbal – verbal classification, sentence completion, verbal analogies
  • Quantitative- quantitative relations, number series, equation building
  • Nonverbal- figure classification, figure analogies, figure analysis
  • National Percentile Rank- A Percentile Rank indicating the status or relative rank of a student's score compared to a nationally representative sample of examinees
Click here for the CogAT website.