River Trails Early Learning Center


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As you may be aware, our elementary schools are at capacity.  To accommodate our growing need for space, the district has collaborated with Park View Montessori to find a temporary solution.  As of the school year 2017-18, all of the district’s preschool programs: (ECDEC, Bilingual class, Blended Classes) will be moved to the east wing of Park View Montessori, located at 1900 E Kensington Road.  The program will be called the River Trails Early Learning Center at Parkview.

 Classes are scheduled to begin the week of August 28, 2017 and will run through May 24, 2018.

 Our current staff, including all of our related service specialists will be moving with us!

 Of important note, there will be FREE transportation from the Euclid and IG school lots for all students attending the early learning classes. ALL STUDENTS, PLEASE COMPLETE THE TRANSPORTATION FORM return to your school office by June 1.

 We are very excited to have all four of our classes that serve our preschool-aged students under one roof next year! This move will allow us to collaborate and focus on the needs of our youngest learners in one setting and invite all of our parents in to engage in many family-oriented activities.

 If you have specific questions about this move please call or email: Dr. Miriam Cutler, 224-612-7304 or mcutler@rtsd26.org.

Below please find a list of FAQ's that we hope may answer your immediate questions.

When is this going to take place?

This will take effect for the 2017-18 school year. Classes begin 8/28/17.

Is preschool going to remain at Park View permanently?

The Board is still looking at options to address the need for more space at our other buildings, as well as the best practice of keeping our youngest learners together in one setting.

What will the hours be?

Student hours will be 8:30- 11:00 (AM session)

          12:00- 2:30 (PM session)

Days: Monday - Friday. There is no LATE ARRIVAL or EARLY RELEASE days for these programs. However, there will be dedicated NON ATTENDANCE days on the EC (Early Childhood) calendar.

What about transportation?

All students who are accepted into the programs (ECDEC, Bilingual PK and the Blended classes) will be offered transportation to and from their HOME SCHOOL (Euclid or Indian Grove) and the Parkview location. This will be provided by the district free of charge. Parents are, of course, still able to drop off and pick up their child as they do now. Parents MUST load and unload their own child. The bus driver CANNOT assist or leave their seat.

Where do I drop off and pick up my child?

If you are driving your preschooler to school, you will be notified before school as to the proper drop off and arrival procedures. If you are having your child ride the bus from the schools, your child will be assigned to a bus and someone will contact you.  Parents MUST load and unload their own child.  The bus driver CANNOT assist or leave their seat.

What will happen to the current teachers?

The staff from the individual buildings will be moving to the Parkview location with the students. :)

Will the activities be the same as the children had in the other schools?

We are arranging for the Mount Prospect Library to drop off book bags and to have story sessions with the children on a regular basis.  The children will have the use of the Parkview gym and the beautiful Park District playground. Since we are also able to have all of our classes together, we are planning many joint family engagement activities and Parent Education sessions.

Will it have its own principal? Nurse? Secretary? The administrative responsibilities for the program will be distributed among several licensed school administrators. The program will not have a single person designated as “the principal”. However, parents may always call on Dr. Cutler, our Assistant Superintendent for Special Services if there are immediate concerns. She can be reached through the program secretary or at 224-612-7304.

There will be a full time nurse on duty when the children are present and classes in session.

There will be a receptionist and secretarial support present on school days.

Will I have to pay tuition now? Parents who choose to send their child to our Blended Class (currently at Indian Grove School) will still have to pay tuition.  ECDEC and Bilingual and Special Education classes remain free of charge.

Para ver esta información en español también, haga clic aquí
Para ver esta información en español también, haga clic aquí
Para ver esta información en español también, haga clic aquí
Para ver esta información en español también, haga clic aquí