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Freedom of Information Act

The amended Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) effective January 1, 2010 outlines guidelines used by River Trails School District 26 regarding requests for Public Records. In order to facilitate the public’s access to permitted information, District 26 will accept requests for information and public records at the Administrative Offices, 1900 E. Kensington Road, Mount Prospect, IL 60056 via written document, fax (847-297-4124), e-mail a FOIA Officer, or completion of a request form available from a FOIA Officer at the Administrative Offices or in the Document Section below. The District 26 appointed FOIA Officers located at 1900 E. Kensington Road Mount Prospect, IL 60056 are:

Lyndl Schuster (lschuster@rtsd26.org) and Patty Reyes (preyes@rtsd26.org

In accordance with the FOIA laws, there will be no charge for the first 50 pages of black and white copies.  After the first 50 pages, the fee for black and white copies may not exceed 15¢ per page.  A fee equal to the actual cost may be charged for color copies or other medium such as a disc or tape. Frequently requested district information/documents are available on the District 26 web site www.rtsd26.org. Some links are provided below.  

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We can be contacted at 1900 East Kensington Road, Mt. Prospect, IL 60056 
Phone: 847-297-4120, Fax: 847-297-4124
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