School Funding Reform Act SB16

School Funding Reform Act SB16
Posted on 11/18/2014
This is the image for the news article titled School Funding Reform Act SB16Last July, the Illinois Senate Education Funding Advisory Committee was tasked with recommending ways to improve public education funding in Illinois, which has remained unchanged since 1997. The result of the task force was the creation of Senate Bill 16 (SB16).

If enacted into law, SB16 will make sweeping changes in how the state funds education. SB16 does not increase the level of education funding, but changes the way in which limited state funding is apportioned among school districts. All state funding, with few exceptions would be combined under one funding formula. The solution is not to take from some to give to others, but rather for the State to fully fund education, rather than ranking 50th in the nation in education funding (US Department of Education).

How will SB16 impact District 26?

The Illinois State Board of Education has calculated the amount each school district would receive next year if SB16, as written, becomes law. District 26 would lose 84 percent of its state funding or $1.25 million per year. The first $1.25 million cut will be phased in over a four-year period. Beginning in year five, there will be a full $1.25 million reduction in funding to the District.

What can you do?

SB16 has already passed the State Senate. Your Senator, Julie Morrison, voted no to this bill. The house is expected to vote on this bill soon. There is a public hearing scheduled in Springfield this afternoon, November 18th, at 3:00pm. We understand that most of you will be unable to attend. If you are concerned about the dramatic effect it will have on River Trails School District 26, please contact your Illinois Representative, Elaine Nekritz or David Harris, and voice your opinion on this important education bill.

You can also submit your opinion online completing a "Witness Slip".

1. Complete Section I: Identification and Section II: Representation. You may enter “District 26 resident” under “Firm/Business or Agency.”

2. Under “III. Position,” please select the button indicating your opinion. Select “Opponent” if you are against SB16 and the direct and negative impact it 
would have on District 26.

3. Under “IV. Testimony” you may file an optional Written Statement to be shared with all committee members. If you do not want to share written testimony, please click “Record of Appearance Only.”

If you need help completing the Witness Slip, please contact the Illinois General Assembly at 217-782-3944 or email

Rep. Elaine Nekritz

Rep. David Harris