Construction Projects

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2018 - Euclid parking lot redone with Permeable Pavers
During the summer of 2018 the district replaced the parking lot and front entrance sidewalk at Euclid Elementary School.  We used "permeable pavers" which are better for the environment, reduce the impact of storm water and improve the water quality for the surrounding community. They also last approximately twice as long as asphalt paving.

 2018 - 21st Century classrooms
All classrooms in 3rd-5th grade were upgraded to "21st century" classrooms. We also piloted one "21st century" kindergarten classroom at Euclid Elementary School.  This means that we replaced the outdated furniture to allow for:

  • Flexibility of furniture and space
  • Areas for collaborative learning and independent study
  • Facilitation of movement
  • Fostering of inspiration and creativity
  • Use of technology and light and bright colors

Over the summer of 2018 the district also remodeled the teacher's lounge at River Trails Middle School using the same concepts of a 21st century classroom.  This remodel provided areas for collaboration and independent work, as well as relaxation.

 2017 - Early Learning Center added
During the summer of 2017 the district remodeled part of the Parkview building (which is attached to our district administration center) to create an Early Learning Center.  We added a front office/nurse's office, 4 classrooms and a resource room/workroom for staff.

 2017 - LED Lighting Upgrades in all school parking lots and classrooms. 
River Trails applied for an Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation grant to help offset the costs of replacing all the exterior and most of the interior lights at all buildings with more energy-efficient LED fixtures in 2016/2017.  Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation  (ICECF) has been a instrumental partner in helping the district to continue it's goal of being a "green" school district.