Measures of Academic Progress - Grades 2 -8

Description of assessment

  • MAP is a computerized test
  • It adapts based on how your child answers the questions
  • Measures your child’s knowledge of reading and mathematics
  • Takes approximately 45-60 minutes for each subtest

Description of process

  • Student sits at a computer and takes test at own pace
  • MAP testing is administered 3 times a year…in fall, winter & spring

How it is used

  • Teachers use the data to indicate student progress and growth in reading and math
  • Teachers use information to guide classroom instruction
  • Data is used to help identify student strengths as well as areas of concern
  • Make data-driven decisions at the classroom, school and district level
  • Monitor academic growth over time
  • MAP scores correlate directly to ISAT scores

Who is involved

  • Students in grades 2-8

MAP Terms

  • Student Growth
  • Typical Growth
  • RIT
  • Lexile Range
  • Percentile Range
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