Welcome to our assessment page!  The purpose of assessment is to measure how students are performing, how well the curriculum is being delivered and implemented throughout the school district and provide feedback to teachers, parents and students as a means to continuously improve academic performance.

ISBE Assessment Tracker Website - Here you can select the district and school year to see all the assessments given by River Trails SD 26.

For additional information regarding the types of assessments we use in River Trails District 26, please place your cursor over the assessment link to the left and click on an area for specific information. 

Why Do We Assess And What Do We Do With All This Data?

Targeted Instruction = Improved Achievement

Teaching and Learning Process

  • Use data to develop flexible and dynamic groups (RtI)
  • Monitor progress throughout the year
  • Utilize data in problem solving process
  • Use data to develop goals for programs and students
  • Communicate data during conferences
  • Use multiple points of data to identify at risk students
  • Analyze classroom data to determine strengths and weaknesses and alter instruction
  • Document info to better understand student learning

A recently updated Parent Information Document on Illinois State Assessments can be found here ISBE Parent Assessment page