Riding the Bus is Fun and More Affordable this Year!

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Riding the Bus is Fun! Check out what our Students Think!
Posted on 11/17/2016
School Bus

Click here to see why our students love to ride the bus!

Everyone is concerned about the cost of living. The school board has decided to do something about it!

- The fees to ride the bus have been reduced by 20-30% from last year!!!
- If you pay by May 1 the transportation fee is $150 for the first child in a family ($40 less than last year) and $100 for each additional child ($50 less than last year).


If you live along one of the bus routes in our district, sign your children up to ride the school bus next year when you register in April.  It is the safest way for them to get to school.  On average, it costs only $0.84/day, or less than 1/3 of the cost to drive your child to school!  The more children who ride the bus, the fewer cars there are on the roads around the schools.  This increases safety, and reduces both congestion and pollution!