Residency Verification Underway

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Residency Verification Underway
Posted on 12/21/2016

District 26 has for six years utilized the services of National Investigations to conduct residency verifications on an as-needed basis. National Investigations is licensed by the State of Illinois through the Department of Financial and Professional Regulations and works with over 30 school districts. The purpose of residency verifications is to make certain that taxpayer dollars are being allocated to educate only those children who reside in the River Trails School District boundaries.


This year, the district broadened its efforts to verify district residency with the goal of eliminating the need for annual registration nights that many parents found redundant. As a result of the broadened verification process, more parents and guardians are being contacted in person by National Investigations to certify residency. Because of several concerns brought to the District’s attention, please know that an investigator from the company may attempt to verify residency through an in-person visit to the home. In all cases, the investigator should be displaying a badge with the State of Illinois emblem, identify himself as an investigator, and may ask you for some form of identification. Should you have individual concerns over the manner in which an investigation was conducted, please contact the president of National Investigations directly at and copy the superintendent’s office at