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K-5 English/Language Arts Overview

English/Language Arts (ELA) includes reading, writing, speaking, listening and the study of literature. Through the study of the English/Language Arts, students should be able to read fluently, understanding a broad range of written materials, communicate well and listen carefully and effectively. They should develop a command of the language and demonstrate their knowledge through speaking and writing for a variety of audiences and purposes. As students progress, a structured study of literature (both fiction and non-fiction) will allow students to recognize universal themes and to compare styles and ideas across authors and eras.  Students must be able to study, retain and use information from many sources. 

The District uses resources from the Pearson Reading Street ELA program as the core textbook and differentiated instruction for students.  All resources are common core aligned and designed to bring students the level of rigor and higher-order thinking required in the learning standards.  The Illinois Learning Standards for English Language Arts establish clear and coherent expectations for what students should know and be able to do at each grade level. Below are informational web pages about Reading Street and how the program supports teaching and learning in District 26.   

K-5 Reading Street Common Core
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