Officers, Members and Standing Committees

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Officers  Current Term First Appointed First Elected
 Frank Fiarito, President  2019-2023    4-5-2011
 Bill Grimpe, Vice President 2017-2021 10-18-2016 5-2-2017
Janine Freedlund, Secretary 2019-2021 10-02-2018 4-2-2019

 Donna Johnson
 Hiatus from 1999-2001
2019-2023 8-18-1986 4-7-1987
Robert Rognstad  2019-2021 10-02-2018 4-2-2019
 Dr. Sue Stolzer  2017-2021  2-2-2017 5-2-2017
 Samuel Bae 2019-2023  6-6-2017  4-2-2019

Standing Committees

Education  Finance
 Committee of the Whole  Donna Johnson, Chair
  Samuel Bae
   Robert Rognstad
Operations Public Relations
Samuel Bae, Chair  Bill Grimpe, Chair
 Bill Grimpe  Frank Fiarito
 Robert Rognstad Janine Freedlund
Policy NSSEO
 Sue Stolzer, Chair  Robert Rognstad, Representative
 Donna Johnson Frank Fiarito, Alternate
 Janine Freedlund  
IASB North Cook Division River Trails Education Foundation
 Samuel Bae, Representative Bill Grimpe, Representative
 Frank Fiarito, Alternate
ED-RED Benefits Committee
 Frank Fiarito, Representative   Donna Johnson, Representative
 Sam Bae, Alternate  
Board E-Mail Monitor  Wellness Committee
 Frank Fiarito Sue Stolzer, Representative
 Board e-mail address